Academic Advising

Academic Advising in January

Students who require Academic Advising assistance from January 3 - 17 will make a request via email at  For January 18 onward, appointments can be booked directly through the online booking system.  (There will be no drop-in service.)

For the first two weeks of January, advisors will only be addressing inquiries that could have an impact on student registration, or that are otherwise time-sensitive.  For all other inquiries, students are asked to book an appointment in the online booking system for January 18 or later, or to send an email at that time.  (Email inquiries received for non-registration, non-urgent issues will be deferred, and will be addressed at a later time.)

Procedure:  Students send an email to, including all of the information below.  Emails will be addressed in the order in which they are received.   Inquiries may be addressed via email, via a phone call, or an advisor may contact the student to arrange an appointment.  (An appointment can be by phone, online, or in-person.  Masks will be requested for all in-person appointments.)

Required Information:  Students are asked to use their StFX email account, and must provide the following.

  • Preferred Name (if different from name on StFX email account)
  • Student ID Number (9-digit ID)
  • Reason for Request (as detailed as possible, to allow for most efficient service)
  • Phone Number
  • Times during which a phone call could be received (if an advisor should wish to call, rather than to set a formal appointment)

Do not skip classes to await a phone call, and do not leave class to accept a phone call from an advisor.  Advisors will call again, or will email a student to arrange another time to connect.

Thank you for your patience.



  • Assist students in the development of meaningful educational plans.
  • Help students accept responsibility for their own education.
  • Recommend appropriate resources to answer questions or solve problems related to academic, career, and personal matters.
  • Serve as an academic resource for students, faculty, and staff.

Each student has the final responsibility for designing their own educational experience. This includes understanding all degree requirements and ensuring those requirements have been satisfied for graduation.

Our ultimate goal is to help you succeed at StFX.