How to make an Appointment
Our online appointment booking system allows students to see the availability of our Academic Advisors and book their own appointments.

Click HERE to go to the online appointment booking system ( To access this system for the first time, a short profile must be set up.
 *Note that this profile is separate from students' Banner and mesAMIS accounts.  A Banner PIN or mesAMIS password is NOT automatically assigned to the WCOnline booking system . If the profile asks for information you do not have please enter NA *


Given the recent lockdown in Nova Scotia, we are moving back to a Virtual environment.  In-person appointments are no longer available. Any appointment booked face-to-face will need to be by phone only. 

Select advisors have online capability as indicated in the appointment booking schedule.

Stay tuned for updates as we have them.

Dr. Cathy MacDonald, Associate Dean Academic, is on sabbatical this year. If you need to make an appointment to speak to a Dean, please email to arrange an appointment.  

What to do if an Appointment is Not Available Before Registration?

A student who wishes to book an appointment, but who cannot find an available block in the online booking schedule,  should email  The student’s StFX email account should be used for contact, and the following information will be required:

-          Detailed question, or reason for wanting an appointment with an advisor
-          StFX ID number
-          Phone number
-          Class times during which the student will be unavailable for a call

Advisors will respond to incoming inquiries and meeting requests as soon as possible, but cannot guarantee same-day responses.  Emails will be addressed in the order in which they are received.

If the question is one that can easily be addressed through email, an answer will be provided in writing.  If the best option for responding to a student’s request will be through a phone appointment, an advisor will call the phone number provided, at the next available opportunity, avoiding a student’s class times.  

NOTE:  If your issue will not impact your registration in 2nd semester, please wait and make an appointment after November 23rd.  This will allow students who do have second term registration issues to be served. 

Make an appointment if you have questions or concerns about...

  • Program patterns / Degree requirements
  • Dealing with academic difficulty
  • Dropping courses
  • Interpreting Academic Calendar regulations
  • Degree compliance
  • Accessing academic tutors
  • Taking a course at another institution for transfer credit
  • Appealing an academic penalty
  • Note: A penalty of probation cannot be appealed.
  • Withdrawing from university

Note: Medical notes and completed declarations of major should be directed to the appropriate dean’s office.

Have you read your Academic Calendar?
The academic calendar contains detailed information on program and degree requirements as well as other valuable information. You may be able to save time by consulting the calendar first.


Academic Advising
Tyson Ball, Carol Bray, Martin Capstick, Kara Deon, Suzanne Russell