How do I transfer a course from another school?

If you wish to take a course at another institution, for transfer back to your StFX degree, you MUST obtain written permission PRIOR to taking the course.  This permission is granted through a specific form called a "Letter of Permission".  Failure to obtain an approved Letter of Permission prior to taking a course at another school will result in denial of transfer for that course.  (This requirement also pertains to students wanting to use the French Explore program, or any other language immersion program, for credit toward their degrees.)

The Letter of Permission form can be found on Registrar’s Office Service Site (, in the list of forms, and is submitted electronically.  When you submit your "LOP", ensure that you receive and email from "Services@stfx" (DO NOT USE THIS EMAIL) with your Ticket information.  If you do not receive an email, the submission did not go through and you will need to resubmit it.  The LOP information is sent electronically to a dedicated email account in Academic Advising.

After submitting your Letter of Permission, you should send a follow-up email to the pertinent letter of permission email account (listed below), outlining your reason for wanting to take the course(s) at another institution.  In that email, you should also include the course description (and course outline or syllabus, when available), or a link to those resources, for each course you wish to transfer.

Once received, the Dean of your faculty will review your request.  You will be notified of the decision through your StFX e-mail account, and approved forms will be sent to you as a pdf document.  Please be aware that Letters of Permission are approved for valid reasons, but not all requests are granted.

Once your LOP has been approved, you will need to apply to the host university as a “visiting student” (the term most commonly used by most universities).  DO NOT apply as a transfer or degree student.  Once admitted as a visiting student, you will need to register in whatever manner the host institution requires.  Be aware that many universities allow their own degree students to register before any visiting or non-degree students, so a course in which you're interested may not always be available to you.  Approval of your Letter of Permission request does not guarantee your registration into the course(s) at the host institution.

An approved Letter of Permission gives you the assurance that StFX will accept that course for credit toward your degree.  Most universities also require a copy of the form.  Some universities may have other requirements for admission, such as an official copy of your StFX transcript, but many simply require an admission form, the application fee, and your approved Letter of Permission.

Once the course is completed you will need to order an official transcript from the host university, to be sent directly to the StFX Registrar’s Office.  The credit will be granted to you upon receipt of the transcript showing you have passed the course and have been granted credit at the host institution.

PLEASE NOTE: StFX does not represent the grades of other institutions on its official transcripts. The StFX transcript only indicates that credit has been granted from the other school.  If you apply to another university in the future, you will be required to submit to that institution official transcripts directly from every post-secondary institution at which you were registered in the past (even those from which you took only one or two courses).  With those official transcripts, the new university will be able to assess all of your past academic work.