What is a pair?

A pair is 12 credits in one subject, with at least six credits at the 200-level or higher (no more than 6 credits at the 100-level).  As exceptions, language pairs in French, Celtic Studies, and Classics may be composed of 12 credits at the 100-level.  A student is not permitted to complete a pair in the major, honours, or minor subject, and may complete only one pair in any given subject.

  • A pair may not be completed in any of the following professional or applied program disciplines:  Aquatic Resources (AQUA), Business Administration (BSAD), Engineering (ENGR), Human Kinetics (HKIN), Human Nutrition (HNU), or Nursing (NURS).
  • A pair is not necessarily 2 courses:  A pair could be comprised of two 6-credit courses; four 3-credit courses; or one 6-credit course plus two 3-credit courses.