Academic Plan


In February 2021, StFX Senate Academic Planning & Priorities approved the Terms of Reference for a planning exercise that will create an Academic Plan for StFX. This will be StFX's first Academic Plan and will help set a vision for academics at StFX for the next five years. 

This planning exercise will give members of the StFX community the opportuntity to reflect on what we have achieved since the launch of our current strategic plan  --  what has worked, what did we learn, what work do we still have ahead of us?  The community will also have the opportunity to consider lessons learned through our response to the Covid-19 pandemic.  This reflection will become a launching point for envisioning the future of academic programs, teaching, and learning at StFX. 

Academic Plan vs. Strategic Plan

While we are producing an academic plan, StFX will simultaneously be working on the renewal of our University Strategic Plan (2017-2022) The Way University is Meant to Be.   The two documents will inform each other, recognizing that the academic mission of the university must drive all university activities.

Image showing the way the academic plan will inform the  university strategic plan.