The Micro-committee Approach

While the Academic Planning and Priorities Committee of Senate is leading this academic planning exercise, a number of focused working groups are responsible for completing tasks necessary to bring the project to conclusion.  These working groups, or Micro-committees, comprise members of APP as well as non-APP members of Faculty and teaching staff who responded to an open call to particpate.  Each Micro-committee completes one very focused task:  the members are provided with preparation material  and then meet once for approximately an hour to discuss the topic and make recommendations to APP. APP reviews the recommedations and determines the course going forward.

Micro-committee Reports

Team 1:  Assessing StFX progress on the 2017 Strategic Plan

Team 2:  StFX results on the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

Team 3:  Scan of academic plans from other Universities

Team 4:  Consultation questions

Team 5:  Planning the first phase of consultation

Team 6:  Data and research to inform consultation


Particpate in a Micro-committee

Members of Faculty or teaching staff who would like to join a micro-committee should contact Gina Sampson gsampson@stfx.ca.  Your name will be added to a pool and you will be receive an invitation as new commmittees are formed.