Sample Plans

Sample Academic Plans

Reviewing academic plans from other institutions may help members of the StFX community develop a clearer sense of what kind of academic plan will work best for StFX. 

Each of these plans has come from a specific context and is designed to achieve different goals. As such, there is a great deal of variation between them.   For example, some of the plans are very broad and include content that might appear in university-wide strategic plans.  Others are focused on a few distinct areas and do not attempt to address all the interests that fall within the academic area.    In general, though, the scope of an academic plans differs from that of a university-wide strategic plan in that it presents operational goals for the academic area that will help achieve the vision of the strategic plan.

University of Prince Edward Island
Lakehead University
York University
Concordia University
University of Calgary
Cape Breton University
Queen's University

St. Mary's University appears to be currently engaged in an academic planning exercise, as is Mount Allison.  Some institutions restrict access to their plans (e.g., Lethbridge), while some have older plans (e.g., Queen'sTrent).  

The following are samples of university-wide strategic plans that have interesting academic content and approaches:
Denison Granville, OH
Macalester  Saint Paul, MN
Middlebury  Middlebury, VT
Williams Williamstown, MA

If there are other plans you feel would serve as a valuable examples, please share and we will post them.

Article (Opinion)
The following article challenges us to think about what is sometimes lacking in university strategic plans:
Colleges Need to Rethink Strategic Planning