About Our Planning

Critical to developing a comprehensive and inclusive accessibility strategy is connecting with and listening to members of our community, through:

  • A series of campus-wide consultations between November 2021 and March 2022, including focus groups and meetings with individuals and groups.
  • Intentionality around committee membership – each group includes members who have lived experiences with disabilities, as well as service providers at the university.
  • Consultation with people with disabilities, campus groups representing persons with disabilities, and service providers responsible for accessibility work.
  • A series of online focus groups to gather feedback and recommendations for accessibility improvement across each area of focus.
  • Dedicated web content on StFX’s public website, including an online feedback form (available 24/7) to capture feedback and advice.
  • Intentional connection with other strategic initiatives at StFX that have significant overlap, for example, the StFX Student Experience and Opportunity Plan and President’s Action Committee on Anti-Racism report.
  • The initial recommendations to the Minister of Justice on Accessibility Standards in Education: Phases 1 & 2. The Education Standard Development Committee is assisting the Accessibility Advisory Board with making recommendations to the Minister of Justice on the content and implementation of a proposed standard to prevent and remove barriers to accessibility in early childhood, primary, secondary, and post-secondary education.

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