StFX Accessibility Plan

In 2017, Nova Scotia passed the Accessibility Act, becoming the third Canadian province to adopt accessibility legislation. The Act recognizes accessibility as a human right, and outlines how the province will improve accessibility by preventing and removing barriers. The Act sets a goal of an accessible Nova Scotia by 2030. 

To guide StFX’s commitment towards an accessible and inclusive campus, we have developed an Accessibility Plan which puts an accessibility lens on several areas of campus activity ― built environment, goods and services, information and communication, transportation, employment, teaching and research.

A lack of accessibility is a larger social and structural issue that StFX is not immune to, and as an engine of social change the university can be part of developing innovative, equitable solutions. 

StFX Accessibility Plan

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Defining Accessibility

Disability refers to "a physical, mental, intellectual, learning, or sensory impairment, including an episodic disability, that, in interaction with a barrier, hinders an individual’s full and effective participation in society". Nova Scotia Accessibility Act, 2017. 

Accessibility is defined as "the prevention and removal of barriers (physical, attitudinal, technological, or system) to allow equitable participation for persons with disabilities or others who experience barriers to accessibility" - Nova Scotia Post-Secondary Accessibility Framework, 2020.  

Our Approach

StFX University values equity, diversity, inclusion, and accessibility (EDIA). This is outlined in the StFX University Strategic Plan: Building Our University the Way it is Meant to Be, and our work is continuing.  The StFX Accessibility Plan is intended to not only coordinate the accessibility services, programs, and initiatives that already exist, but also guide StFX’s ongoing commitment towards a campus that is accessible, equitable, and inclusive. 

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