Staff in the Tramble Centre for Accessible Learning work closely with faculty to implement the StFX Policy for Students with Disabilities. Students work directly with professors to put recommended accommodations in place and Tramble Centre Staff advise students on how to approach and work with professors.  For example, students may ask a professor to use an FM system, to sit in a specific section of the class or to use an audio recorder. Students in first-year are most anxious about approaching professors but they do gain confidence as they learn how supportive faculty are at StFX.

Students most often ask to put testing accommodations in place and it is over testing accommodations that Tramble Centre staff and faculty work most closely. Accommodated Testing has become a complicated activity with over 600 students writing close to 5,000 tests and exams each semester. Tramble Centre staff have established a comprehensive set of communications and security protocols to control how tests and exams are administered. Planning and open lines of communication among faculty, students and Tramble Centre staff helps ensure the integrity and effectiveness of testing in our testing rooms.

Please find below links to the  information about Testing Accommodations and information about Scheduling and Delivery of Tests and Exams. Tramble Centre Staff make presentations to new faculty each year and welcome questions any time.

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