Alison McEachern

Business Role

Owner, GroupatWork

Waverley, Nova Scotia

Alison was forced to take piano lessons as a child. She hated it. But then she started teaching others how to play the piano and she discovered that she loved it - not the piano… she still hates the piano… but she loved teaching. By the time she finished her undergraduate degree she had a flourishing “piano school”, teaching people of all ages, and she knew that she wanted to teach.

In the summer of 1989, Alison’s teaching horizons broadened when she discovered experiential learning while attending St FX’s Diploma in Adult Ed Program and the rest was history. So was the piano. She instantly knew what she wanted to do and it changed the course of her career. After completing her Masters of Education, Alison launched her own learning company, Groupatwork, in 1992 and joined the St FX facilitation team in 1995. In addition to her work with St FX, she has designed and delivered in-person and online experiential learning programs for universities, colleges, provincial and municipal governments, health care, non-profit and private sector organizations across Canada and the United States.

Her interest in experiential learning extends to travel and the outdoors. Alison is certified in wilderness first aid and wilderness navigation…..fortunately she has never been lost or hurt.

Alison firmly believes that everyone (a) has something important to teach and share with others and (b) can learn new skills. She loves the StFX program because it offers a rich and rewarding way of designing, facilitating and learning.