The Program

Reasons to Choose StFX

(1) The Original
The Diploma in Adult Education has guided more than 7,000 training professionals over 30-plus years. In fact, our Diploma was the first of its kind to be recognized as an International / National Program of Excellence.*

Our facilitators have delivered this program coast-to-coast-to-coast in Canada ~ over 6,000,000 km, criss-crossing the country more than a thousand times.

(2) Module Features 
Each module will be delivered asynchronously via our online platform.

Designated Facilitator Support: Facilitators support learners through each module. 

Practical Application Component: Each module may provide several opportunities to practice applying what you have learned and to receive coaching and feedback from your peer learners and facilitators. You will work in groups during the week between virtual sessions.

Authentic Evaluation: Diploma in Adult Education assignments mirror the skills and practices that facilitators use in the design and delivery of quality experiential learning. As you complete course assignments you reinforce learning and strengthen your adult learning facilitation skills. Learners are required to complete one assignment in each of the modules (1 – 5). Assignments are due one week after the last day of each module. Learners are required to submit assignments before attending the next module. 

(3) Designed for Working Professionals
Our Certificate program (modules 1-5) can be completed part-time in approximately five months. Our Diploma program (modules 1-5 plus module 6) can be completed part-time in approximately one year.

(4) Excellence
We are known for providing effective, practical skills to new and veteran training professionals. Our learners can apply rigorous training standards immediately after finishing each module.

(5) The Standard
Learners complete the same modules, so they are able to speak the same language and to work together as a team following uniform training methodologies.


(6) Employer Recognized
Some 5,000-plus employers send their staff to our Diploma program or hire our graduates. SaskPower has sent more than 100 staff. Valeant Pharmaceuticals has a StFX wall of fame. Global Afairs Canada has sent its Centre for Intercultural Learning staff since the early 1990s.

(7) Interactive
Our facilitators model the experiential training process that you will use to engage your own learners. 

(8) University Credit
The Certificate (Modules 1 through 5) carries 6 StFX academic undergraduate credits. The Diploma (Modules 1 through 6) carries 12 StFX academic undergraduate credits. (Compare to those public and private institutions that offer professional development in adult education with no university credit value.)


(9) Recognized by the Institute for Performance and Learning
IPL, the national training professional association, awards 1 year of work experience credit for the Certified Training and Development Professional (CTDP) designation to StFX Diploma graduates.


The original. The best.


* 1996 International / National Program Award from CAUCE (Canadian Association for University Continuing Education)