Prospective Learners - FAQ

1. Do modules need to be taken in sequence?
We recommend that all modules be taken in sequence. For that reason, starting the program at other than Module 1 is at the discretion of the Coordinator.
You must attend Module 4 before you may attend Module 5.

2. In addition to classes, what additional time is required?
Modules 1 through 5 each require an assignment that is graded by StFX. Each assignment and associated readings require approximately 20 hours to complete. Module 6 (the practicum) involves the design, development, and facilitation of an actual training program, so time requirements vary. Learners usually complete the practicum part-time over 6 months or more. The practicum report is graded by StFX.
Remember that your assignments and practicum may be based on a current project you are doing at work.

3. If I am not currently in a training position, how will this affect my ability to complete the program?
While it is assumed that you have a basic interest in adult education and human resources development, it is not essential that you are employed currently in a training capacity. Our staff will assist you in meeting Diploma requirements.

4. May I transfer other university credits to the Diploma program?
No. You must complete the StFX modules to qualify for StFX credits.

5. May I transfer my Diploma credits to another university?
The receiving institution – not StFX – makes such decisions.

6. Are module tuitions tax deductible?
Yes. T2202As are available online at the end of February each year.

7. What assistance or advice is available to me?
If you require advice about applying to the Diploma program or you are an enrolled learner with module-related concerns, please contact us at or call 1-800-563-7839 (toll free in North America).