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At Valeant, in our training department, we maintain a wall of StFX certificates, to show the effect StFX has had on our facility. In addition to the strength the DipAdEd program has given to our training at Valeant, auditors always appreciate the show of credentials.

Please hurry and schedule the next Winnipeg modules, as I already have two more trainers I want to send.

Karen Wood  Training Manager, Valeant Pharmaceuticals, Steinbach MB

As soon as I heard the words “experiential learning”, I knew that this was the course to set the foundation of all our training practices within our organization. Practical training skills, techniques, and development skills learned by our training staff are now being utilized everyday whether it be in class, scenario-based training at our new training facility, or in on-the-job-coaching.

The StFX Diploma in Adult Education course paved the way for our direction in training, and it continues to be the course of choice for my staff.

Tom Corrigan  Supervisor, Training, Enbridge, Toronto ON

Through our affiliation with StFX's Diploma in Adult Education program, we at OC Transpo have transformed our Transit Training Unit. From design of materials, training of facilitators, and the development of a coaching program based on best practices in adult education, our facilitators now possess the skills and tools to be professionals.

The common understanding amongst the training staff of 25 and the tangible focus on excellence in training are now reflected in everyday training as a matter of course. Sending key instructional staff to the StFX program is the best investment I have made to date. This year, more facilitators will be trained as well.

Greg Davis  Program Manager, Transit Training, Business and Operational Services OC Transpo, Ottawa ON

Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Regina Campus, has greatly benefited from the partnership that we have with St Francis Xavier University’s Diploma in Adult Education program and its facilitators. One of the benefits that we have received -- as a result of our affiliation with a university that offers a nationally-recognized program -- is increased community profile.

Linda O’Halloran  Continuing Education Consultant, School of Business, Sask Polytechnic, Regina Campus, Sk

We have been sending our technical and corporate trainers to the StFX Diploma in Adult Education program for over 15 years. We believe in the philosophy grounded in the DipAdEd program because it gives us consistency in all phases of our training, which is critical when you are working with trainers coast-to-coast and covering different work groups and regulatory training.

Our trainers finish the program and bring back to Jazz more confidence in the classroom and greater expertise in both design and delivery. A key benefit for Jazz is the ability to access the program in many locations across the country.

Kim Gaudet  Manager, Learning and Development, Jazz Aviation, Halifax NS

StFX’s Diploma program has been beneficial to our training organization and to its clients. It provides our employees a systematic and concise process in identifying the real needs and developing performance interventions.

Our clients are the recipients of this approach, as it clearly identifies and ensures an efficient, cost effective intervention. Our employees find this program excellent and have benefited from this program. This program is highly recommended for their positional requirements as training professionals. Keep up the Great Work.

Jean-Marc L'Anglais C.E.T.  Section Manager, Trades-Tech & IT Training Ontario Power Generation,              Etobicoke ON

The value from this program is widespread in our organization. I have been working in and around the learning business for over 20 years, and I know that this program not only gave me a solid foundation, but that foundation has been spread throughout the organization with approximately 100 other practitioners.

Although the learning processes and trends change over time, adult learners are still adult learners, and the core ability to manage this is critical. With employee transition at an all time high, this has never been more important.

Dave Braun  Manager, Workplace Learning and Performance, SaskPower, Weyburn SK




ONLINE 2020-2021

A great program that touches on every aspect of creating and delivering adult training. The move to online delivery was executed skilfully, and the trainers are passionate about their subject matter. Well worth the time and cost!
Dawn Barker, Instructional Designer/Communications Professional

For those of you who think you can't manage virtual learning-you absolutely can! This program has lived up to its reputation of being the best in the country!
Kerri Miller

This has been an absolutely wonderful experience.  The facilitators were knowledgeable, engaging and passionate. Their ability to work together was inspiring.
Rod Dykeman, Training and Outreach Inspector/Provincial Dangerous Goods Coordinator, Vehicle Transportation Inspection

I would say that even though you will experience times of stress and frustration while going through each module, stick with it! You will soon realize how it all comes together, also don't ever shy away from asking questions. The facilitators are so supportive and their feedback is invaluable.
Richard Bussiere - eLearning Instructional Designer and Trainer for Assistance Services Group in London, Ontario

Through the facilitators and online tools this is the the best virtual classroom experience I have ever experienced. This online program is not your typical listen to the instructor present a PowerPoint slide over Zoom program but rather a program when you experience the principles of adult education through meaningful discussions and group work.
Marc Whang, Learning Consultant

Great module (5) and the best (overall) course I have ever taken--thank you!
Scott Lewis, Training Officer, Canada Post Corporation

This program changed my feelings entirely about facilitating/lecturing. It was so incredibly well done and interesting and fun (YES I SAID FUN and I mean it whole heartedly!).
Sarah-Anne Schultheis

This program brought me from complete beginner to a competent and confident adult educator.  The content and the conversations were valuable and I look forward to jumping in and implementing all that I have learnt.  Great facilitators who put a lot of thought into the material, activities and experience.  Thank you!
Kelly Schriver, Learning & Engagement, City of Airdrie

St. FX did a fabulous job transferring this program to on-line. Having started in person, I was apprehensive about going virtual. I am, however, working virtually anyways, so not only did they prove people can learn virtually, but I learned the skills to effectively create and facilitate sessions online.
Heather Bell, Training Analyst, WCB-Alberta



Very well structured, easy to follow.  Materials are very detailed and set up learners for success!
Vicki Pigott, Learning Store Specialist, Sobeys Inc

A very thorough and useful program.  Well delivered.
Ryan Kerner, Learning Developer, H & R Block Canada Inc

Great facilitation.  They encouraged group participation, provided positive feedback and made for informative and interesting facilitation through all modules.  I would recommend the program.
MaryAnn Ferguson, Adult Education Coordinator, (Communities)



"This is truly the best contract face-to-face adult education training program in the country.  This program has been meticulously refined and the years of care and attention that StFX has put into it shows through.  They don't build training programs like this anymore.  As someone who works in Adult Education, I'm shocked at how far ahead of the game this program is.  This program sets the bar that all other Adult Education programs should aspire to."
Ryan Tessier, Continuing Education Consultant, Saskatchewan Polytechnic

StFX Adult Ed program has opened my eyes to the broader world of educating humans!  I feel better prepared to help develop the people of my organization, and to support the company needs in regards to shifting mindsets to be more learning focused.
Naomi Seaborg, Learning Specialist, Conexus Credit Union



Being able to experience the tried and true StFX adult education methods directly as a student in this program allowed me to confidently say the process works and I know that because of what I've learned and have already applied with my clients.  The learning feels easy because it is such an engaging delivery of information combined with experiential learning principles that allowed me to learn and apply a vast array of learning and development strategies and methods to my role as a organizational change management analyst.

Shelley Malo, Organizational Change Management Analyst, Online Business Systems

"Training can be evaluated for accountable learning and transfer (and) all other information is awareness" spoke volumes through the session.  Only value-added information was taught and evaluated in expert examples s a pleasure.  I feel I learned a lot.  Great group of classmates.
Lauren Canning, Lead Manufacturing Associate, Emergent BioSolutions



Excellent content, format, & instructors!
Ralph Curitti, Sr. Manager, Renewable Generation Training, OPG



The program is a fantastic way for existing/new facilitators and trainers to enhance their skills.  The experiential design model works to keep learners engaged and learn effectively.  The assignments (in class) and post module really help you apply your learning.
Allison Reed, Team Lead, Human Resources, CRTC

Highly recommended for both employees  managers alike, with such thorough support & appropriate levels of immediately useful information.
Susan Gardener, CPS, Gov

Trust the process.  It may seem overwhelming and daunting at the beginning, but it is an important step in the process.
Jeff Wiseman, Field Instructor, FedEx Canada

I will be able to offer more accountable learning to employees I train.  I will hopefully be able to teach aspects of the program (experiential learning model) to my training officers, to improve our training programs.
Anik Marquis, Acting Program Manager of Training, Canadian Intellectual Property Office



This program is like poetry: "The Best words in the Best order."  Everything is exactly how and where it should be.
Katie Benjamin, Instructional Designer, SCM Insurance Services

This was a fantastic program and experience.  the education StFX provides will go a long way to improving my skills as a facilitator.  You leave me wanting more!
Tim Chisholm, National Training Manager. Walter Surface Technologies

I went into the program a self taught instructional designer & facilitator.  I've come out the other side with a structured education of how to design & teach adults.  I am truly grateful.
Jennifer L. Bonnevie, Facilitator-Administrator-Wealth Management, Owens MacFadyen Group

I would recommend this program to any facilitator, new or experienced who wants to improve their overall skills.
Sherry Dean, Training Officer, Halifax Regional Fire & Emergency