External Awards

CASAE Student Paper Award

The purpose of this award is to recognize the best student paper presented at the annual conference of the Canadian Association for the Study of Adult Education. See the CASAE website for information on the annual conference at / 

CAUCE Graduate Student Research Award for Continuing Education

The purpose of the award is to recognize a graduate thesis or dissertation that makes a distinct contribution to university continuing education. The deadline is February 1 each year (may vary). For more information, visit the CAUCE website.

Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarships

The Province of Nova Scotia created the Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarships (NSGS) program to help advance the economic and social well-being of Nova Scotians by investing in graduate thesis-based research in the following defined priority sectors: Ocean/Marine Technology; Life Sciences; Information and Communication Technology; Clean Technology; Aerospace and Defence; Resource Sectors; Financial Services; Health and Wellness; and Social Innovation. At StFX, the Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarships are intended to be primarily entrance awards, although they may also be awarded to continuing students.  New or continuing graduate students must be nominated for these Scholarships by their Graduate Program Coordinator using the StFX Nova Scotia Graduate Scholarships nomination form.  Nominations for new or continuing students must be submitted in digital form to the Office of the Associate Vice President, Research and Graduate Studies, normally by mid-February (i.e. February 15th) each year. Please check with the department or your advisor to confirm if you are eligible to apply.

Canadian Federation of University Women

The CFUW Charitable Trust provides funds for a range of post graduate awards and fellowships to women. The CFUW Fellowships and Awards Program is an affirmative action program as provided for in the Constitution of Canada and eligibility is restricted to women. CFUW's Fellowship and Award winners have produced work in a variety of academic areas, including international humanitarian efforts, feminist and gender analysis, advanced science, medicine, social justice and human rights for women and girls. Please see their website for a list of awards and eligibility criteria.

Canada Student Grants

Grants for part-time students, students with dependents, students with permanent disabilities, students who have completed apprenticeship programs. Eligibility vaires and programs are subject to change.

Government of Canada: International Scholarships

Eligibility vaires and programs are subject to change.