Faculty Support and Advising

You certainly did your job well! You were always ‘available’ to me, and kept your commitments around reviewing my work. I always felt that what I was doing was important to you.

Lil McPhail, Master of Adult Education (2003); Education Advisor, College of the Rockies, University of Victoria 

You will be assigned to a dedicated faculty advisor who will support you throughout the program. Initially, your faculty advisor will assist you in clarifying your needs and interests and in designing and carrying out your own unique learning program. Faculty provide encouragement and timely feedback on student work, and aide in clarifying departmental and university expectations. For more than forty years, participants have said that our faculty demonstrate exceptional "individual concern for students, and helpfulness" and have the capacity to "relate issues to the broader adult education field". 

Our faculty have national and international profiles as adult education scholars and researchers. They bring a rich background of experience and expertise in areas such as health, women's learning, arts-based learning and research, community engagement, and more. Faculty also play an active role in professional associations and will help you hone your academic communication skills and identify opportunities for presenting your research.