Our Program

The StFX Master of Adult Education program provided me with a strong foundation of adult education theory and a better understanding of the impacts that adult education can make in peoples’ lives. I especially appreciated being immersed in a rich research experience as well as my strong relationships with my supervisors and other students.

-Diana Dearden, Master of Adult Education (2016); Manager of Teacher Education, East Kootenay Teacher Education Program, College of the Rockies, University of Victoria

We are Canada's only entirely self-directed, master's level adult education program. Learners choose their own area of study within a formal learning structure over 3-years part time. Our participants, from Canada and around the world, come from diverse backgrounds and professions including:

  • Health (e.g., Nursing, Dietetics, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Nutrition, Dental Assisting, Dental Technicians)
  • Community colleges (e.g., ESL, Early Childhood Education, and Dental Technology)
  • Human resource management and training
  • Nonprofit organizations and social services
  • Adult basic education and adult literacy
  • Social work including work with youth, immigrants, elderly, and people with disabilities
  • Social movements, NGO’s, national, regional and local community development groups
  • Environmental sustainability & bio-diversity
  • Legal aid, policing, correctional services and the military
  • Indigenous education, social justice and reconciliation.

We believe that adults learn most (and learn best!) when they have control over their learning, and when they have the opportunity to explore topics relevant to their real life situations. Our program provides a supportive academic environment that respects your individual learning and life needs and creates space for you to explore your particular areas of interest. The research project allows to investigate and develop an in-depth inquiry into a topic, issue or challenge related to your work or community.

We offer two unique streams:

    The part time program begins with ADED 505 Introduction to Field, Research and Practice. Over the three weeks of this course you'll learn more about adult education theory and practice and about the different phases in the program. During this time, you'll have time and space to begin to design your learning program and refine your thinking about your areas of interest.  

    After this course, you will continue to work with the support of your cohort. We find that strong peer relationships, peer to peer teaching and learning enhances the graduate experience and helps to challenge thinking and foster new perspectives. We use distance technologies to establish areas of common ground, foster meaningful conversations, reduce a sense of isolation, and help you move to completion. The program engages students in both online conversations and seminars and independent scholarly reading and writing.

      Click here to see a list of the program phases/courses and their descriptions.

      Click here to see the program brochure with timeline for starting MAdEd in July 2020

      Upcoming Intake

      This 3-year part time M.Ad.Ed program begins with the ADED 505 Introduction to Field, Research and Practice, a 6 credit  course.

      • July 4-22, 2021 ADED 505  POSTPONED TO 2022

      There is no deadline to apply; we accept applications on an ongoing basis. Students have a three year candidacy period within which to complete all program requirements.