Reflective Practice

The Masters in Adult Education programme was a life changing experience for me. It provided an understanding of how to connect my professional interests with academia, and more importantly, how to do so in a way that fosters self-determination. The hallmark of St. FX’s programme is its focus on learning and the realization that all learning is, in the end, an individualized process. St. FX brings us into contact with this learning so we can be our own educators.

-Dr. Anthony Campeu, Master of Adult Education (1999); Associate Professor, Nipissing University

Lifelong, continuous learning through reflective practice is a long-standing hallmark of professionals across a range of disciplines and fields of practice.  We believe that adults have accumulated a rich repertoire of experience that they can tap as a source of knowledge. The more adults are aware of and systematically reflect on their wealth of experiences at work, play, and service, the more they learn and can apply these learnings in a myriad of ways. MAdEd participant Judith April describes how she came to "doodle her way into adult learning", becoming more critical about "Whose voices aren’t being heard? Or, what counts as knowledge?". 

Participants who enroll in the reflective practice stream typically have an interest in engaging colleagues or community members in more critical reflection as a strategy for change. Participants can explore a range of areas in the field of adult education including transformative learning to adult development, social justice education, feminist approaches and women’s learning or environmental education.  

Upcoming Intake

  • July 4-22, 2021 (Reflective Practice and Community Development Streams offered concurrently) POSTPONED TO 2022

There is no deadline to apply; we accept applications on an ongoing basis. Students have a three year candidacy period within which to complete all program requirements.