Why Study With Us ?

We offer learner-centred, self-directed, research-based learning by distance. 

Student Exerpience Podcasts


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New Career Opportunities

The program afforded me the flexibility I needed to be successful. My advisors provided excellent guidance that aided my inquiry and challenged my knowledge. Completing the program opened new career pathways that I hadn’t thought possible. For those who work in training and education, this program will broaden your horizons.

-Jay Smith, Master of Adult Education (2017); Project Manager, Centre for Continuing and Online Learning, Algonquin College

Our program will enable you to become a dual professional, incorporating adult education theory, practices, and principles into your work, making learning more effective and efficient, helping you and those you work with make change and adapt to change. Our participants are employed in health care, industry, sports and recreation, post-secondary, college, and vocational education, unions and labour organizations, in community organizations and non-profits, policing and the military, and in the field of international development.

A Flexible Program Model

For a self-directed, motivated adult learner, this program was ideal. I was able to continue teaching and fit the phases of the program into my day-to-day life.

- Anna Lakey, Master of Adult Education (2015); Diversity & Equity Award Developer / Coordinator, Lambton College

Our part-time, distance-based approach is flexible, allowing you to continue to work while pursuing a recognized graduate degree.

Dedicated Faculty Support

Let us not underestimate the important role that the dedicated faculty of St. FX play in nurturing our professional growth providing the needed guidance and support at critical points. Their commitment to supporting my learning journey created a most powerful crucible for my maturation as an adult educator, a catalyst for change, and a revitalized legal professional.

-Michele M. Leering, Master of Adult Education (2013); Executive Director of the Community Advocacy & Legal Centre (CALC), Belleville, Ontario; PhD. Candidate, Queen'S University Faculty of Law

For more than forty years, participants have said that our faculty demonstrate exceptional "individual concern for students, and helpfulness" and have the capacity to "relate issues to the broader adult education field". As a learner in our program, you'll be assigned to a faculty advisor who will support you in clarifying your needs and interests and support you in designing your own unique learning program. As a self-directed program, faculty respect your readiness to take ownership of your own learning.

Our faculty have national and international profiles as adult education scholars and researchers. They bring a rich background of experience and expertise in areas such as health, women's learning, arts-based learning and research, community engagement, and more. Faculty also play an active role in professional associations and will help you hone your academic communication skills and identify opportunities for presenting your research.

A Self-Directed Approach to Adult Learning

Goodbye directed, passive learner. Hello research-based, self-directed learner!

- Barry Thompson, Master of Adult Education (2018), Professor, School of Skilled Trades, Durham College

We believe that adults learn most (and learn best!) when they have control over their learning, and when they have the opportunity to topics relevant to their own real life situations. Our self-directed program provides a supportive academic environment that respects your individual learning and life needs and creates space for you to explore your particular areas of interest. A change-focused research project allows to investigate and develop a plan for change around a topic, issue or challenge related to your work or community.