Women's Leadership and Community Development - Online Cohort.

The Master of Adult Education (M.Ad.Ed.) in Women’s Leadership and Community Development online program is an effective learning experience providing a unique blend of professional and community development, with opportunity for reflective practice and applied research. Taking a gender perspective, this program is of interest to practitioners and scholars, around the world, engaged in a wide variety of areas such as education, health, human rights, peacebuilding, economics, politics, management, justice, sustainability, climate, non-governmental organizations, and more.

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This new online cohort is scheduled to begin January 2022

The program consists of 5 phases/courses:

ADED505 Introduction to the Field, Research and Practice. In this online course , students become familiar with the foundations of, and requirements for, the M.Ad.Ed. program.  This course will require intensive reading and writing in a broad range of foundational literature in adult education and learning, and women's leadership, as well as the development of a detailed learning plan. 6 credits.

ADED510 - Professional Portfolio and Literature Review. This course involves the development and submission of a professional portfolio consisting of learning experiences, accomplishments, and demonstrated professional competencies, supported by documentation. Second, development and submission of a critical review of the literature in the field with an emphasis on the area and aspect of study as seen in the learning plan. 6 credits.

ADED520 Practical Research Project. In this course, students develop a practical research project to achieve learning intents. This project is typically completed in the student’s place of practice and typically requires approval of the StFX Research Ethics Board. At the end of this phase, the student submits a project report that includes a detailed description of the learning intents, program design, means of implementation, and evaluation of the project. 12 credits.

ADED530 Learning Program Evaluation This course includes a report on the student’s personal and professional learning with reference to the learning plan developed in ADED505. This reflective report evaluates knowledge gained and changes in practice and is accompanied by a narrative. 6 credits.

ADED601 Synthesizing Exam.  The synthesizing examination follows the completion of the preceding phases of the program. The synthesizing examination is intended to provide an opportunity for students to reflect on their professional project and bring the relevant literature and student’s research project together with the particular reference to practice. The synthesizing examination will be attended by two faculty members of the adult education department. 6 credits.

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For more information about this program contact Dr. Carole Roy croy@stfx.ca 

Admission Requirements

  • Applicants are required to have a related bachelor’s degree and significant experience in women’s leadership and community development.
  • Confidential references and official transcripts are required.
  • A statement on background, career goals, and personal philosophy is also required.
  • Opportunity to complete the practical research project in an acceptable setting must be demonstrated.
  • For applicants whose first language is not English, or whose normal language of instruction has been other than English, a test of English language proficiency may be required. Contact the Admissions office for more information.

Being a graduate of the Coady International Institute is an asset for this new program.

The program has limited enrollment and entry is competitive.

Application deadline is October 1, 2021 

How to Apply

If you are interested in applying to the Master of Adult Education, Women's Leadership and Community Development cohort please download the forms below and submit them before the applicable above deadline. Forms are fillable PDFs, remember to save your information. Please be certain to follow the instructions.  

Master of Adult Education Application Form

Master of Adult Education Reference Letter Form 

Application Checklist

Application fee is $40.00 CDN, payable by credit card or money order. 

Submit application to:

Admissions Office 

St. Francis Xavier University 

PO Box 5000 Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada 

B2G 2W5 

or Fax: (+1)- 902-867-2329

or E-Mail: admit@stfx.ca

Applicants are encouraged to check with the Admissions Office to confirm that a complete application has been received. Only complete applications will be considered.

Admissions Office contact information: (+1)-902-867-2219 or admit@stfx.ca