Copyright Policies

Technology in the Classroom Policy

Cell phone use in class, unless the phone is being used explicitly for research or learning purposes permitted by the instructor, distracts from the learning of the student using the cell phone, the other students and inhibits the instructor’s teaching. Therefore, cell phone use in class is prohibited unless the instructor asks that students use their cell phones for a specific exercise.

Students may use computers or tablets in class to take notes. Students who are using computers or tablets for other purposes will be asked to close them.

Class Materials Copyright Notification

The materials from Department of Anthropology courses, including but not limited to the course syllabus, class notes or PowerPoint presentations provided by the instructor, lectures, or assignments and other materials authored by the instructor, are the property of the instructor, unless stated otherwise by the instructor. Sharing, posting or selling this material to third parties on-line or otherwise (for instance, through on-line sites or on social media sites) for distribution without permission is subject to Canadian Copyright law and is strictly prohibited. Students are required to request permission to record lectures or take images of any part thereof.
For more information, please visit the StFX copyright guide: