Past Honours Theses

Most of these works are available in the office of the administrative assistant (JBB 208). 





  • Laura Pickersgill, Perceptions of the Effectiveness of Heritage Protection Legislation and Policies at Mi'Kmawey Debert (Haller)
  • Cecilia Scoles, Roma Culture, Identity, and Experiences in a "Gypsy Shore" (McMillan)


  • Natalie Marie Lesco, Beyond Invisibility: A Redress Collaboration to Raise Awareness of the Crisis of Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women (McMillan)
  • Adrienne Ratushniak, Neo-Tribe Socialty in a Neoliberal World: A Case Study of the Shambhala Music Festival (Vincent)
  • Mariah C. Richard, Responding to and Preventing Sexual Violence in Paqtnkek Mi'Kmaw Nation: Learning from One Another and Building Community Capacity and Resiliency Together (McMillan)
  • Chloe Sorella, Campus Food Culture at Saint Francis Xavier University: Food Security, Student Perceptions of Food and Politicized Movements Around the Issue of Campus Food (McMillan)



  • Julia Brenan, You Work for What?: A Comparison Between Two Antigonish Producers and How They Resist and Accommodate Capitalism, (Vincent)
  • Siobhan Carlson, Unshelling the Past: An Examination of Shell Middens at Town Point, Antigonish, NS, (Patton)
  • Janelle Young, The Mi'kmaq and Indian Residential School Commemoration: Cultural Production and the Possibilities for Substantive Reconciliation, (McMillan)



  • Liam Collins, Eating Meat: Class and Gender in Everyday Food Life, (Vincent)
  • Morgan E. Moffitt, The Nova Scotia Mi'kmaq, Restorative Justice and Resource Management: Alternative Methods for Managing Fish and Moose Resources, (McMillan)


  • Kerry Prosper, Netukulimk A Circular Relationship in Shifting Ideologies: An investigation into the altered and realigned spiritual and cultural connection shared by Moose and Mi'kmaq as a result of colonialism and cultural revitalization, (McMillan)



  • Caylanne Lyall, Marine Ecology and Shellfish Exploitation in the Río Parita, Panama, (Haller)


  • Alison Brown, Understanding Systemic Poverty and Food Insecurity in an Individualistic Society, (Fawcett)
  • Lori Caughey, A Cross-Cultural Examination of Women's Understandings of HIV/AIDS, (Fawcett)
  • Lauren Scannell, Fair Trade Coffee: Commodity Fetish or Trade Revolution, (Vincent)


  • Andrea Jackson, Shifting Shorelines: Taphonomy of the Northwestern Corner of Tracadie Harbour Archaeological Sites, BjCj-10 and BjCj-11, (Nash)
  • Jordan Mitchell, Fiddling with Tradition: An Exploration of Processes Central to Shaping the Identity of Cape Breton Scottish Gaels, (Davis)


  • Tiffany Barrington, The Primacy of Profit or Welfare of the Worker: Workers' Perceptions of Industrial Ownership in Peru and Canada, (Vincent)
  • Mindy Murphy, Water Talk: Examining the Effects of Water Commodification in a Nova Scotian Community, (Fawcett)


  • Aaron Steeghs, Perspectives on Development and the Motivation of Development Workers (Vincent)


  • Erin Metcalfe, Political Critique and Semiotic Analyses of Ethnographic Films Representing Shamanism: The Case of Harvey McKinnon’s Sangoma: Traditional Healers in Modern Society (Krautwurst)


  • Maia Cann, BjCj-1: A Mi’kmaq Occupation on a Glacial Moraine (Nash)


  • Michael Alexander Chadwick, Negotiating the Natives: Mi'kmaq History at the Fortess Louisbourg (Fawcett)


  • Michael Andrew Bradshaw, A Cultural Resource Management Study of Tracadie Harbour, N.S. ACRM Study of Tracadie Harbour, N.S. (Nash)


  • Leslie Jane McMillan, Katawapul (Eel Stew): An Anthropological Inquiry of Mi'kmaq Fishing Rights (Davis)


  • Jason Ryan MacLean, The Archaic Occupation of Tracadie Harbour, Antigonish County, Nova Scotia (Nash)
  • Kimberley E.A. Palmer, Excavations at Delorey Island, Nova Scotia: West End Ceramics (Nash)
  • Heather E. Snow, Archaeological Investigations at Kerr Point (BjCo-15) Merigomish Harbour, Nova Scotia: Excavation of a "Shell Heap" (Nash)