Students interested in the interdisciplinary exploration of water .. too much | not enough, environment, sustainability, accessibility, resource management and planning, rural and/or coastal communities or urban areas, fisheries, biodiversity and conservation, climate change, Indigenous peoples, public policy development, aquaculture, local and international issues and perspectives, etc. are encouraged to consider the Aquatic Resources (AQUA) Program!


StFX Admissions Requirements

Graduates Graduates


A. Applying to StFX and the Aquatic Resources Program from High School

Students interested in entering the Aquatic Resources Program should apply, under the heading "desired program of study", to StFX for acceptance in a Bachelor of Arts in Aquatic Resources or Bachelor of Science in Aquatic Resources.

StFX applications may be submitted on-line or downloaded and mailed:

StFX Academic Calendar


B. You have been accepted to attend StFX and now you would like to add the Aquatic Resources Program to your BA or BSc.

YES, you can still join the Aquatic Resources Program!  We offer students the benefits of a small, first-year cohort; hands-on learning (field trips, watershed field course, an aquatics-related work term, volunteer opportunities, etc.) to enhance your classroom experience; personal academic advising to choose classes, evaluate study abroad and other international opportunities; and career development assistance.  We are student-centred and your education is our mission!

Several StFX departments are part of the AQUA Program:

  • Political Science
  • Anthropology
  • Sociology
  • Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
  • Biology
  • Earth Sciences
  • Economics

If you are interested in adding the AQUA Program to your StFX degree, just contact us: phone (902) 867 - 3905; in J Bruce Brown Hall # 335F or at  

As first year students, you will be enrolling on-line at individually designated times during the month of July.  If you are interested in the Aquatic Resources Program, then you should begin by enrolling in the AQUA core courses, as follows, whether you are a BA or a BSc student:

AQUA 100 + lab, Introduction to Aquatic Resources I (6 credits), ECON 101 (3 credits) and 102 (3 credits), BIOL 112 + lab (3 credits) and ESCI 171 + lab (3 credits).


C. Are you currently a StFX student who would like to join the Aquatic Resources Program?

GraduatesYES, it is possible for StFX students who have completed one or two years of study to add the Aquatic Resources major to their degree.  Students from virtually any subject area at StFX can make the change to the AQUA Program, including students who have completed either the Health Studies or Social Justice Colloquiums in their first year of study.

Interested students are encouraged to contact AQUA Program staff to discuss requirements and opportunities before completing the on-line change of program form (located on your personal MesAMIS page).  Students should have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 65 percent to be accepted into the AQUA Program. 

Contact: phone (902) 867 - 3905; in J Bruce Brown Hall # 335F or at

Students accepted into the Aquatic Resources Program will complete required AR core courses, beginning with: AQUA 100 (6 credits), ECON 101 (3 credits) and 102 (3 credits), BIOL 112 (3 credits), and ESCI 171 (3 credits); in addition to higher level AQUA courses in subsequent academic years.  

If you have already completed some or all of these courses you will not be required to repeat them!


D. Students Seeking Entrance to the Aquatic Resources Program from:

  • another Canadian university (transferring to X)
  • a Canadian Community College
  • the Ontario College System
  • International applicants

Please refer to the StFX Academic Calendar, Part 1: Admission Procedures and Requirements; or contact the AQUA Program Assistant directly at: (phone) 867-3905; in J Bruce Brown Hall # 335F or at

All students interested in the Aquatic Resources major should seek the advice of the AR Program Assistant about courses completed prior to your request to add the AQUA major. Prior courses will impact directly upon your ability to satisfy AR Program requirements and to complete your degree within a four year period.