The AQUA Listserve

Welcome to the ISARnews Listserver, a service provided by the Aquatic Resources Program of St. Francis Xavier University.

This listserve is relevant to students in the Aquatic Resources Program and others with an interest in water. Subjects may include job postings, both summer and full time; interesting water-related news from global media sources; announcements about guest speakers on campus and in the community; and announcements about opportunities relevant to ISAR students, etc.

  • Volunteer Opportunity: Conservation Biology....learn about, locate, identify and release WOOD TURTLES along the St. Mary's River (Guysborough County, NS) in May and June
  • AQUA 325: Watershed Field Camp.  Monday 30 April - Thursday 3 May.  To sign up, please contact the AR Office.  
  • Jobs with Ontario Conservation Authorities:
  • "The ins and outs of environmental assessments"  Globe and Mail article.  What currently occurs in Canada and what do proposed changes mean?
  • Masters and PhD opportunities: "Effectiveness of Canadian Environmental Impact Assessment"  Dept. of Geography & Planning, School of Environment & Sustainability, University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon.



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