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StFX offers students a wide range of opportunities to participate in Academic Exchange and Study Abroad experiences.

ISAR students have 'gone on' exchange or to study abroad to the following countries: Norway, Australia, England, Ireland, the United States (Arizona), Denmark, and Mexico. These students have majored in Biology, Public Policy and Social Research, and some have been Honours students!

If you are interested in finding out more about Academic Exchange or Study Abroad opportunities, contact the StFX International Exchange Coordinator and/or speak with the ISAR Administrative Assistant.

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2013 Alysha Parker – Mossel Bay, South Africa: Great white shark internship


Post graduation (BA Public Policy and Social Research & AQUA) ... During her internship in South Africa, Alysha had the opportunity to swim with a white shark (she was in a cage - of course!) and she said that it was amazing.  Her other 'intern' tasks included chumming the water to attract sharks, land fishing, free-diving to view shy sharks which are occasionally captured for the research aquarium, and she monitored and fed the sharks in the aquarium.  Alysha's group of interns also began a river monitoring program and conducted data entry as a routine part of their internships.



2012-2013 Aquatic Resources Students Overseas ...

University of Nordland, Bodø, Norway: Sara, BSc Honours Biology and AQUA


StFX student one of two Canadians selected for Norway study exchange

Sara Gitto, a second year StFX aquatic resources and biology student from Caledon, ON, is now in Bodø, Norway for the winter term after being awarded one of two possible High North Fellowships for Canadian students to study at the University of Nordland.

She is completing courses in the Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture between January and June 2013. Ms. Gitto says her experiences so far have been surreal.

“I am in a beautiful place, surrounded by amazing people, and I am studying what I love,” she says.

“This experience will benefit me in so many ways. I get to broaden my horizons and take courses that I would not normally be able to such as Norwegian aquaculture. I also get to immerse myself into an entirely new culture and learn from a much different perspective.”

Living in a new country with different customs, and a different language has already helped her grow as a person, she says.

Ms. Gitto, who is considering specializing in either deep sea biology or aquaculture in the future, says what has stood out for her the most so far was a biology trip to Vestvatn Villmarkssenter.


Aalborg University, Denmark: Emily, BA Public Policy and Social Research

Aalborg University, Denmark: Carly, BA Public Policy and Social Research

Aalborg University, Denmark: Kensey, BA Public Policy and Social Research

Bangor University, Wales (UK): Blake, BA Public Policy and Social Research

"the world is out there waiting for you"

Alex Meeker: BA Aquatic Resources and Public Policy and Social Research
Exchange: Guanajuato, Mexico during the Winter term of 2010

Exchange a positive experience, student says

Alex Meeker is living a long held academic dream.

In January, the third year dean’s list arts student traded in an active life on the StFX campus for a semester in Guanajuato, Mexico investigating water issues while completing a term of academic study in a very dry area of Mexico and learning about sustainability.

Ms. Meeker received funding through the North American Mobility Program that StFX participates in, its theme being “Education for Sustainable Communities.” She is the first StFX student participating in this three-year program, which pays $3,200 per student for travel and living expenses.

“I had always wanted to participate in an exchange program since I started applying for universities back in 2007. Studying abroad just seemed like such an incredible learning experience that I didn't want to pass up,” says Ms. Meeker, a 21-year-old Toronto, ON native who is majoring in interdisciplinary studies in aquatic resources and public policy and social research.

Ms. Meeker arrived in Mexico on January 14 and in addition to taking courses, she is working on a research project concerning the types of programs and curriculum that Guanajuato and Mexico have for youth about water conservation and education.

“This will help give me a more international perspective on issues in my field and when I return to Canada I would like to do a comparative study,” she says. “Additionally, having Spanish as my third language will hopefully open up many doors for me and give me the opportunity to enjoy my future travels.

Read Alex's blog at:

Samantha Marshall: BSc Honours Biology and Aquatic Resources

Study Abroad: Bodø, Norway during the Winter term of 2010


Student receives fully-funded scholarship to study in Norway

A StFX honours biology and aquatic resources student is one of only two Canadian students awarded a fully-funded scholarship to study in Norway beginning in January 2010.

Samantha Marshall of Tottenham, ON received the Fellowship for Studies in the High North, scholarships for Canadian students to study from January to June, 2010 at Bodø University College (BUC) along the western coast of Norway. The fellowship is offered by the Norwegian government, through the Faculty of Biosciences and Aquaculture at BUC. It covers the cost of travel to and from Bodø, Norway, fees for attending BUC, and student housing while in Norway. Marshall will take courses that will go toward her StFX degree.

“It’s quite a privilege when you think about it,” Marshall says. “On top of the personal development you hope to get out of it, it’s a chance to make a lot of connections with researchers and professors, which may open up opportunities in the future.

“It’s an opportunity to study abroad and I want to do my master’s in aquaculture so it’s a chance to try it out before my master’s.”

Marshall says her studies in Norway will really complement what she’s done at StFX.

She has been a dean’s list student, and has conducted independent research on freshwater mussels, a species at risk in Canada, during her aquatic resources work term with the St. Mary’s River Association in Sherbrooke, NS. She’s also volunteered with the Community Aquatic Monitoring Program, and with biology professor Randy Lauff on his owl monitoring project. In September [2009] she spent two weeks aboard a DFO research cruise, counting fish in the Gulf of St. Lawrence off Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI and Quebec.

Service Learning

Service Learning is an innovative way to integrate experiential learning, academic study and community service.

Course Based and Immersion Service Learning are two aspects of the program that provide students with a variety of service learning options.

To learn more about how you can become involved, visit the SERVICE LEARNING website.