Parking Info for Gallery Visitors

Visitor Parking

  • Visitor Parking Spaces are designated with signage mounted on poles in specific areas across campus to provide short-term access (2-hour time-limit) to high-use buildings/facilities.
  • Please CLICK HERE for map with visitor parking spots marked in yellow and accessible parking spots marked in blue 
  • Be advised, parking is on a first-come-first serve basis.

Temporary Parking Permits (3) for StFX Art Gallery Visitors available for pick-up at the StFX Art Gallery student staff desk, inside Mulroney Hall, 2nd floor

  • If no visitor parking spaces are available, visitors can stop in at the StFX Art Gallery student staff desk when the gallery is open to receive visitors and retrieve a temporary parking permit and then go park their car in a parking lot of their choosing.
  • These parking permits must be clearly visible in the vehicle when parked, i.e. hanging from the vehicle’s rear-view mirror
  • There are 3 permits available specifically gallery visitors and are available on a first-come-first serve basis
  • All temporary StFX Art Gallery permits must be returned to the student staffers at the conclusion of the visit, prior to leaving campus


  • Accessible parking spaces are available throughout the campus. Please CLICK HERE for map with accessible parking spots marked in blue 
  • Accessible parking spaces are regulated provincially and authorization for use of these spaces requires an accessible parking tag issued by the province of Nova Scotia.
  • Accessible parking tags are only to be used by the authorized user of the tag or when the authorized user is in the vehicle.
  • Accessible parking tags MUST be clearly visible in the vehicle at all times.
  • Unauthorized use of accessible parking spaces will result in a parking violation being issued along with the vehicle being towed.