Sean Benton

Immaculata Hall
(902) 867-2172

Sean Benton is a multi-disciplinary artist living and working in Eastern Nova Scotia, CA.  Originally from Southern Ontario, Sean obtained a diploma in Visual and Creative Arts from Sheridan College in 2012 and a Bachelor of Art (Studio Art) from Brock University in 2015.  Painting is his primary artistic practice, where he examines the ongoing relationship between colour, value, and shape.  Heavily inspired by the Post-Impressionists, Sean aims to exaggerate and emphasize these elements in his works.  When he's not painting, his next creative outlet is playing and writing music on guitar.



Sean Benton artworks



The Viking and The Raven, 2015, 18 x 24", Oil on wood
Django, 2021, 8 x 11", Acrylic on masonite
Peter, Landon, and Wyatt, 2021, 12 x 16", Acrylic on masonite
The Two Houses on the Mira River, 2017, 16 x 20", Oil on wood

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