Grant Lounsbury

Immaculata Hall
(902) 867-1299

Grant Lounsbury is a classically trained animator and received his Bachelor of Arts in Animation from Sheridan College in 1989.  He spent a large part of his early career in the field of traditional animation working on a variety of television and animated feature films.  He has worked internationally on multiple animated feature films including Anastasia, Titan AE, and Werner.  

Most recently, Grant has been working as a professional oil painter and teaching art at the University of Rochester Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, NY.  In his painting, he enjoys embracing a loose style that feels alive and reveals to the viewer the movement, energy and compassion he feels as an artist. Grant’s work can be found on many social media sites and selected exhibitions and galleries in Canada and the US.  His solo exhibit “North by Northeast” recently ran at Keuka College in Penn Yan, NY and the Iva Smith Memorial Gallery in Hammonds, NY.

“I paint to tell the story of an experience or an event. My paintings are derived directly from the emotional connection that I have with the outdoors, wildlife, and sometimes even structures. My subject matter may span from a hike in the Canadian Rockies, to a historic hockey arena torn down for a parking lot, to wildlife that may not be here for future generations.  

I feel it is important for me to document my experience due to the enormous environmental changes happening in the world today, resulting in a loss of land, melting ice caps, clear cutting of forests, and urban sprawl. The next generation may not be able to interact with the great outdoors in the same way that I can, and I want my paintings to give future generations the perspective and insight that is unique to my experiences, my thoughts, and my vision. I strive to create a record of the world that I see and to interpret the connection I have with that natural world. That is what I am striving to accomplish with my current work.”





Tiger, 2018 11x14" oil
Sunset at St Margaret's Bay, NS, 2018 11x14" oil
Poe's Ravens, 2017 16x20" oil

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