StFX Art & Art History Courses

Johannes Vermeer, The Art of Painting, detail, Oil on canvas,1665-67, Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna


The Art Department at StFX offers four levels of courses: each advancing level of study allows students to apply skills and knowledge acquired from the earlier level to generate new learning and confidence.

100 Level Courses in both Art Studio and Art History offer essential knowledge and training that form the foundation for all further study in the Art Department. Art Studio courses provide students with the fundamentals of drawing, design, and colour theory. Art History courses survey the development of artistic expression in the Western world from pre-historical cave paintings to concepts expressed by modern artists. Courses at this level are the prerequisites for all upper levels of study.

200 Level Courses build upon the fundamental information students have mastered at the 100 level. Art Studio courses offer a wide variety of artistic media for students to explore and apply their newly-acquired skills and knowledge: theatre design, printmaking, painting, stained glass, and textiles. Art History courses focus on historical periods of artistic expression such as Medieval, Baroque, Modern, and Contemporary art, as well as specific stylistic movements such as Impressionism.

300 Level Courses offer increased challenges and applications building upon students’ knowledge and skill. Art History courses offer new explorations of Italian and Northern European Renaissance art, Christian art, and studies in modern Canadian art. There are also courses cross-listed to other departments, each with their own particular focus. Art Studio classes offer advanced levels of study in drawing and painting, and applications of both in botanical illustration. Further, both Art History and Art Studio allow dedicated students the opportunity to create their own course of study with the supervision of a willing instructor.

400 Level Courses offer students specialized courses in both Art History and Art Studio. Topics in Italian Renaissance art provide the focus for a seminar class. The subject matter for this course becomes the starting point for students to pursue their own study and present their research to fellow classmates. Both Art History and Art Studio provide further opportunity for dedicated students to create their own focus of study.

Timetable for Art courses offered in the 2022-23 Academic year.