Conor Barker, PhD

Assistant Professor
Xavier Hall
(902) 867-1612

Dr. Conor Barker is a teacher, psychologist, and scholar of inclusive education and educational psychology. Dr. Barker has over 15 years of experience in inclusive education as an educational assistant, classroom teacher, special programs teacher, and school psychologist. Dr. Barker earned his B.Ed, B.Mus, and Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (CerTESL) (2009) from the University of Saskatchewan, his M.Ed. in School & Counselling Psychology (2011) from the University of Saskatchewan, and his Ph.D. in Education with a specialization in Educational Psychology (2020) from the University of Regina.  Dr. Barker’s research area focuses on inclusive practices in rural and minority language contexts, and the development of clinical competency and creative practice within school psychology.

Research Interests: Communities of Practice Research Methods; Behavioural Interventions;  Rural School Psychology; Inclusive Education in Minority Language Settings (e.g., French Immersion, Hutterian Education, English as an Additional Language); Learning Disabilities; Forensic School Psychology; Remote Psychological Assessment



EDUC 436: Inclusive Practices II

EDUC 505: Introduction to Educational Research

EDUC 554: Assessment for Teaching Students with Learning Challenges

EDUC 517: Teaching Children with Learning Difficulties II

Recent Publications

Barker, C. (2019). Psychoeducational assessments with Indigenous students in postsecondary settings: Moving forward in a good way. Psynopsis 41(3).

Barker, C. (2019). Creative practice in rural school psychology. A view from Southwest Saskatchewan. Rural and Northern Perspectives: The View from Here 14(2).

Barker, C., Balfour, G., Clothier, C., & Tivas, L. (2016). EAL Assessment Process. [Teaching Manual – Report], Chinook School Division.

Hardenne, T., & Barker, C. (2016) Common Barriers to Learning in Early Years [Teaching Manual – Report] Chinook School Division.

Barker, C. (2015) Child Abuse Impact in Southwest Saskatchewan: A statistical report. [Report] Cypress Health Region.

Barker, C., Kulyk, J., Knorr, L., & Brenna, B. (2011). Open inclusion or shameful secret: A comparison of characters with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD) and characters with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ADS) in a North American sample of books for children and young adults. International Journal of Special Education 26(3).