Current Students

The Faculty of Education is committed to providing students with the highest level of professional preparation. With an emphasis placed on the public school program, our faculty members facilitate and enhance the integration of theory and practice in educational settings through teaching, practicum delivery and a range of experiences which embrace a wide array of teaching areas.

Our BEd program prepares teachers to live the professional ideals and attitudes of the teaching profession, both within the Faculty of Education and in pre-service teaching placements. We use the Code of Ethics of the Nova Scotia Teachers Union, the Faculty of Education Guidelines for Professional Conduct, and our university Community Code to help us live out our professional ideals.

Our students follow a prescribed range of courses which prepare them for certification in Nova Scotia, across Canada, and throughout the world. Our graduates are currently teaching in every province in Canada and in countries around the globe.


StFX BEd Student Bursary Information and Application

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