Curriculum Resource Center

The Curriculum Resource Centre is located on the top floor of Xavier Hall in Room 319B (867-2272). The centre supports Bachelor of Education students, Master of Education and doctoral  students and in-service teachers, by providing educational resources in a diverse range of grade levels and subjects. The Curriculum Resource Centre supports the common threads of the Faculty of Education: equity and social justice, professionalism, technology, and life experience. It provides and develops resources relevant to the goals and objectives of the Nova Scotia Department of Education Public School Program, the Nova Scotia Teachers' Union, and schools operated under the jurisdiction of Mi'kmaw Kina'matnewey.

The Curriculum Resource Centre provides elementary, middle and secondary curriculum resources such as books, curriculum guides, drama resources (ie. puppets), DVD’s, CD's, computer software,math manipulatives, thematic units, author study kits, as well as math, social studies and science kits. Most items in the Centre can be borrowed for a period of 21 days. The centre has audio visual equipment which can be booked in advance: TV/VCR/DVD players, tape recorders, transcribers, CD/casette listening centres, digital cameras and audio recorder, and camcorders. A binding machine, a laminator, a photocopier, a scanner, printer, and several computers are also available in the centre. Laptops, when available, can be used in the centre.

The Curriculum Resource Center Coordinator, Mary Teasdale Porter, and student assistants are present to aid teacher and pre-service teachers alike with preparation of materials for program assignments and their teaching practices in the classroom. Please contact Mary for any questions or requests at 867-2272,