Alternate Placement

Individualized Placement (Year 2 Option)

Pre-service teachers normally stay in the same placement for fall and spring each year. Second year pre-service teachers, with the approval of their faculty advisor, may apply to have an individualized placement which would be in a different educational setting. Applications for specialized placements should be focused on promoting personal professional growth targets: rationales such as being closer to home, or being in or near a location where a job opportunity may emerge are discouraged. Depending on the professional development needs identified by pre-service teachers, in consultation with their faculty advisor, pre-service teachers may request an individualized placement during this final field experience period. The intent of this placement is to provide an opportunity for pre-service teachers to gain experience which is not available through the usual placements and which will round out their professional preparation. These are exceptional placements and require the approval of the Field Experience Committee.

Individualized Placement Procedures

  • Interested second year pre-service teachers must discuss their intention with their faculty advisor during the fall field experience.
  • If tentative approval is given by the faculty advisor, the pre-service teacher must inform his/her cooperating teacher and principal that they are requesting an individualized placement and may not be returning.
  • A formal proposal must be developed, signed by the faculty advisor, and submitted to the Field Placement Coordinator, with the admission fee, by December 15. This proposal shall include the name of the contact person, the rationale and objectives of the proposed experience and any other pertinent information that can assist the Field Experience Committee in assessing the request. Decisions will be based on availability of faculty advisors, the degree to which the proposed plan is consistent with the pre-service teacher’s professional growth plans and cost.
  • Students will be responsible to pay for any additional costs incurred due to the alternative placement. The Field Experience Coordinator will calculate the expected additional costs in advance of the start of the alternative field experience. The student must pay this cost before the alternate field experience placement begins.
  • The Coordinator of Field Experience will review the proposal with the Field Experience Standing Committee and, if deemed feasible, will make an official request to the administration of the proposed institution.
  • The Coordinator of Field Experience will inform the pre-service teacher, faculty advisor, cooperating administrator and cooperating teacher if an individualized placement has been confirmed.
  • It is understood that pre-service teachers will continue in their original placements if the individualized placement requested is not confirmed.

Download the Individualized Placement form Here