Faculty Members and Their Research Interests

Laura-Lee Bellehumeur Kearns, PhD, Professor

  • English language arts, critical literacy, equity and social justice, marginalized youth, LGBTQ rights, Indigenous people, decolonization, philosophy of education, aesthetic education

Dany Dias, PhD, Assistant Professor

  • Language and Literacy, the phenomenon of teaching and learning, especially as it pertains to pedagogical relationality, democratic classroom practices, critical literacy practices, and social justice education. A research agenda that investigates the entanglements of French culture and linguistic identity in language learning and teaching, in Francophone minority contexts.

Erin Keith, EdD, Assistant Professor

  • Inclusive education centered on strengths and intersectionality, EDIAD literacy, culturally responsive and relevant pedagogies, teacher and student mental health / wellness, trauma-informed practices, and transformative educational leadership practices

Andrew Foran, PhD, Professor

  • Experiential, outdoor and adventure education, service learning, phenomenological inquiry, teacher education

Chris Gilham, PhD, Associate Professor

  • Mental health literacy, inclusion, hermeneutics

Marc Husband, PhD, Assistant Professor

  • Elementary mathematics education, mathematics teacher education, learning mathematics with understanding, making (mathematical) thinking visible, images for developing mental math  

Lisa Lunney Borden, PhD,  Professor

  • First Nations education, mathematics curriculum and pedagogy, critical mathematics education, mathematics education, equity, decolonizing education, Mi'kmaw/Mi'kmaq education, African Nova Scotian education

Leo MacDonald, PhD, Professor

  • Science education, teacher research, curriculum development, assessment and student learning, environmental education

Katarin MacLeod, PhD, Associate Professor

  • Science education, scientific literacy, pre-service teacher education

Lori McKee, PhD, Assistant Professor

  •   Multimodal literacy in elementary school classrooms, multimodal pedagogy, early childhood, technologies, teacher professional learning

 Jennifer Mitton, PhD, Associate Professor

  •   Adolescent literacy, disciplinary literacy, teachers as researchers, International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, classroom assessment, pre-service LGBTQ teacher education

Anne Murray-Orr, PhD, Professor

  • Literacy, elementary education, First Nations education, narrative inquiry, early elementary pedagogy, literacy in the content areas, Mi'kmaw language immersion programs, pre-service teacher education

Daniel B. Robinson, PhD, Professor

  • Culturally relevant physical education, First Nations physical education, teaching games for understanding, physical education teachers' programs and practices, children's acquisition of fundamental movement skills, gender and physical education, physical education, health education, teacher education, action research, international education, service learning, physical activity, comprehensive school health, critical pedagogy, social justice

 Ingrid Robinson, PhD, Assistant Professor

  • Social studies education, Aboriginal educational leadership, women's educational leadership, culturally relevant pedagogy

 Evan Throop-Robinson, PhD, Associate Professor

  • Complexity thinking, critical discourse, curriculum development, communication in the mathematics classroom

Allison Tucker, MEd, Assistant Professor

  • Early learning, Reggio Emilia, Teacher Identity, Teacher Professional Learning, Literacy, Appreciative Inquiry, Educational Change

Bill Walters, PhD, Associate Professor

  • Teacher education, physical education, and physical literacy

David Young, PhD, Professor

  • School law, educational administration and policy, special education