Spécialisation en Français

French Education students are considered specialists if they have completed a minimum of 18 or 30 credits in French at the undergraduate level and complete the sequence of French Education courses offered in the B.Ed. program.

All elementary and secondary French Education students learn in the same classes. There is only one section of each French Education course each year. Students work in small groups that focus on the elementary, junior or senior high levels, and they all participate in whole-class discussions about .topics and issues common to all levels. At the end of the program, they are familiar with the progression in both Core French and French immersion, and with most grade levels. This broad base of knowledge is an advantage because often graduates who have prepared themselves for one level of teaching find themselves teaching at another level.

Year one students

Course work
-complete BEd courses in their first and second teachable subjects as well as other required courses
-take EDU 459-EDU 460 which focus on general French second language methodology and teaching Core French
Field experience
-Elementary: complete 11 weeks of student teaching in Core French and in an elementary classroom (approximately half time in each setting)
-Secondary: complete 11 weeks teaching Core French and their second teachable subject in English whenever possible (*Students teach only one course in their second teachable subject as they will return to this subject in the French immersion setting in year two).

Year two students

Course work
-complete required BEd courses (*secondary students have some electives)
-take EDU 428A first semester, a course in content literacy or language across the curriculum with a focus on French immersion methodology and curriculum
-take EDU 428B second semester, a course that focuses on French immersion language arts and literacy, primarily from Grades 4-12.
Field experience
-teach in an (early or late) French immersion or Integrated French setting: elementary (all subjects in French), or secondary (French language arts and their second teachable in French) *this is requested, however, like in all placements, the ideal is not always met. **
Certain students choose to take year two French education courses but continue to teach Core French due to their language skills. Such students are encouraged to continue with year two courses if possible, because graduates may be asked to teach in French immersion due to the current shortage of highly fluent speakers of French.

Course sequence for the Specialization

  • EDU 459 Méthode de français de base 1
  • EDU 460 Méthode de français de base 2
  • EDU: 428A L’intégration de la langue et des matières en immersion
  • EDU: 428B Les arts langagiers en immersion