Joanne Tompkins, EdD


Joanne Tompkins spent 15 years in the Qikiqtani region of Nunavut working as a teacher, principal, teacher education and inclusive education consultant and these years were spent working towards Inuit-based education. Joanne joined the STFX Faculty of Education in 1996, at the point at which the university signed an MOU with Mi'kmaw Chiefs in which the Faculty of Education agreed to engage in preparing teachers, both Mi'kmaw and non-Mi'kmaw, to effectively educate Mi'kmaw students. Joanne has spend 20 years engaged in social justice education in Nova Scotia. Many of her projects have been in Mi'kmaw communities, in Mi'kmaw  teacher education and researching Mi'kmaw Immersion programs. She is particularly interested in preparing teachers and educational leaders to take up social justice in their teaching and advocating for groups marginalized in schools. From 2011-2017 she was the Chair of the M Ed program and was very actively involved as the faculty developed specialized M Ed cohorts to respond to the needs of practitioners in the field.  She is particularly interested in how educators unlearn, learn and relearn critical stances to education. Since 2003 she has been heavily involved as a trainers and by times, University Co-ordinator, for the Positive Space Program for LGBTQ students and their families. This program has provided education for faculty, pre-service and in-service teachers, and the wider campus and community and has reached 1600 individuals since its inception. Social justice and equity teaching is at the core of most of her research.



Currently on Sabbatical

EDUC 433 Sociology of Education; EDUC 435 Inclusive Practices 1; EDUC 534 Foundations of Education; EDUC 561 Leadership and Administrative Theories; EDUC 417 C& I in Diversity: FN Education