Mi'kmaq Specialization

Applications for the on-campus program are now being accepted for the elementary program and for some secondary specializations for the 2022/2023 academic year.  Please contact us if you have inquiries regarding the on-campus program.

We are pleased to announce that we will be offering a new off-campus Bachelor of Education cohort in cooperation with the South Shore Regional Centre for Education, beginning in September, 2022.  This cohort will have an elementary focus and will have in person classes located in Chester Basin at Forest Heights Community School. Please contact us if you have inquiries regarding the off-campus programs.  Applications for this program will continue to be accepted until May 20.


For the latest information on StFX’s response to COVID-19, please visit www.stfx.ca/coronavirus.

For further information please contact the Program Manager by telephone at 1-902-867-2402 or by email at gpatters@stfx.ca

The teaching of the Mi’kmaq language has been revitalized over the past fifteen years through a combined effort of the Mi'kmaq Kina'matnewey and the Faculty of Education. The St FX Faculty of Education has supported the development and credentialing of Mi’kmaq teachers since the inception of the Memorandum of Understanding with Mi’kmaq Communities in 1995 and have prepared over 150 Mi’kmaq teachers for work within provincial and band-operated schools. The demand for Mi’kmaq language teachers continues to grow across the Atlantic Provinces, both for Core and also for Immersion in several communities. Applicants pursuing a Mi’kmaq focus in their studies may develop a concentration in language and/or culture. The language focus requires oral fluency in Mi’kmaq and at least 18 credits in Mi’kmaq language-related courses in the first degree.