Practicum and Field FAQ

1. How long is practicum?

Practicum is a total of twenty-two weeks duration over two years; eleven weeks each year. Each year students complete five weeks in the fall placement in November and December; and six weeks in the spring session in March and April.

2. When do I find out where I will be practice teaching?

Normally students receive their practicum placements immediately prior to Thanksgiving weekend.

3. May I contact the teacher and the school once I am informed of my practicum placement?

Yes, students are encouraged to contact their cooperating teachers and the schools after they are informed of their placements.

4. Where can I do my practicum?

Students may return to their home community to complete their practicum or they may practice teach in schools within the St. FX catchment area (within one hour from St FX).

5. Can I remain in the same school for both the first year and the second year?

Students are normally placed in a different school for each year.

6. Do I arrange my practicum myself?

The Field Coordinator will make all necessary arrangements and contacts for Field placements. Students are not to contact teachers, schools, or principals to arrange practicum placements.

7. How do I get a Criminal Records Check?

Criminal Records Checks are to be obtainedat an RCMP office. The normal fee is $20.00.

8.How do I get a Child Abuse Registry Check completed?

Complete a printed copy of Child Abuse Register Form A and mail to the address on the form. Be sure to include proof of identy such as Driver’s licence, Health Card or Passport with this form. Remember to submit upon receipt the letter you receive to The Faculty of Education at St FX.

9. How will I travel to the assigned school?

Some students take their own cars; others car pool; and others (St. FX catchment area only) use rental vehicles. In HRM public transit is also available.

10. Who pays for travel?

All students through field placement fees share costs associated with transportation equitably. The university covers the cost of car rentals and pays a fee for students who use their own cars. Students pay for gasoline. Field Transportation Policy

11. What happens if I miss a day of practicum?

During the field experience period, pre-service teachers are expected to be present each day that school is in session, including days in which students are not present (e.g. professional development days). If pre-service teachers must be absent from school for the any reasons, they are expected to inform (in advance) the school administration, cooperating teacher, Faculty Advisor and Field Coordinator. Students may be required to make up missed days. See Field Policies on attendance for more information.

12. What do I teach each year?

Placement Year One: Elementary pre-service teachers are encouraged to take an early elementary placement in their first year and an upper elementary placement in their second year. Secondary pre-service teachers are placed in their first subject field in either grade 5-8 or 9-12. Continuation of the fall placement in the same school and with the same cooperating teacher. Secondary Physical Education students are placed primarily in their second teachable in the first year. Elementary Physical Education students are placed in a combination of classroom and PE. Elementary French students are placed in a combination of classroom and French Core in their first year. Secondary French students are placed in a combination French Core and second teachable in their first year. Placement Year Two: Elementary pre-service teachers are placed in their alternative grade range of either grade P-4 or 5-8. Secondary pre-service teachers are placed in their second subject field (in either grade 5-8 or 9-12) with some work in first subject field. Elementary and secondary PE students are placed primarily in Physical Education settings. French students are placed in French Immersion with direction from the French Department of the B.Ed. program.