Program Information and FAQ

1. What is the timeline for certification?

The certification process begins in early October with a workshop on forms and procedures. The first deadline for submission of forms is the end of October. Applications go to the Department of Education in early January and licenses are normally issued at Convocation in May.

2. When are the job fairs?

The provincial job fair is usually held during the third week of January here at St. Francis Xavier. The National and International job fair occurs on the last weekend of January at Mount St. Vincent University.

3. May I use my B.Ed. Criminal Record Check when applying to substitute in Nova Scotia?

No, school boards require that a new check be completed as part of the application process.

4. Are Professional Development Days mandatory?

All Professional Development activities are considered mandatory parts of the program. This includes regularly scheduled PD days in each semester, Building Bridges in the fall and spring, and NSTU PD sessions.

5. Can I get a teaching license in another province?

All graduates must first be licensed in the province where they received their Education degree. Once that teaching license has been received, a teacher may apply in another province for a license in that jurisdiction.

6. How do I get a copy of my summative evaluation?

Summative evaluations are kept on file in the Main Office. You may obtain your copy of the evaluation from Denise or Garnet.

7. How does my Nova Scotia license compare to other provinces?

The Nova Scotia teaching license standards are among the most stringent in Canada. The Nova Scotia certification usually transfers without penalty to other jurisdictions both in Canada and around the world.

8. What happens if I miss a class?

During the term, students are expected to be present each day that classes are in session including professional development days. If students must be absent from class for any reason, they are expected to inform (in advance) the section professor and the Program Manager. Students will be responsible for material missed and may be penalized for absenteeism.