At the Faculty of Education, we offer some unique specializations which are not commonly found in the region. These programs provide prospective teachers with the necessary training and experience to qualify for teaching positions in areas which are currently in demand. Our expertise is well-known in the areas of French, both Core and Immersion, with over 300 graduates in the last fifteen years. We provide Elementary and Secondary Physical Education teachers with expertise spanning health, outdoor, and physical education. The teaching of Mi’kmaw language is also an area of strength in the Faculty of Education. The St FX Faculty of Education has supported the development and credentialing of Mi’kmaq teachers since the inception of the Memorandum of Understanding with Mi’kmaq Communities in 1995 and have prepared over 150 Mi’kmaq teachers for work within provincial and band-operated schools. More recently, we have developed partnerships which allow us to offer a unique program in Canada, a specialization in Gaelic language. In the 2011-12 year, we added a specialization in Family Studies in collaboration with our associates in the Department of Human Nutrition. This addresses a need which has been identified by our school board partners. We have recently added a specialization in Spanish and welcome applicants with coursework in this language.  Finally, we are now offering a Business specialization to address the province's recent move to emphasize the teaching of business-related courses in the public school system.
Pre-service teaching experience is also provided in each of these areas. Please contact us to discuss potential enrollment in any of these specialty areas.

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