Travel and Transportation Information

Field Transportation Policy

Field transportation is a shared responsibility between the University and Bachelor of Education Students. All pre-service teachers may be responsible for transportation to field experience placements. We endeavour to ensure that all students through field placement fees share costs associated with transportation equitably.

  • Students who will be living in Antigonish and teaching in the Antigonish/Port Hawkesbury/Pictou county areas, primarily in Monastery, St. Andrews, Maryvale, Sherbrooke, Guysborough, Port Hawkesbury and Pictou County, including Trenton, New Glasgow, Stellarton, have two options: For students transporting other students using their own vehicle, the University will pay 21 cents per kilometre and pay the insurance differential between the student’s liability coverage and 2 million dollars coverage. For this option you are required to take 1-4 other students. Student cars must be reliable for safe transportation. Travel claims must be made on the student travel claim form that is available from the office of the Field Coordinator.
  • The University will pay for a rental car, the insurance and HST. Students traveling in each car equally share gas expenses. For all other students the University will pay 10 cents per kilometre for distances over 50 kilometres return, if alone, and 21 cents per kilometre if one or more passengers, when the student is driving his/her own vehicle. Students must receive pre-approval if they are transporting other students.

Car Rentals Guidelines

  • Designated drivers are to be selected by each student group. Drivers must be 21 years of age, have a valid driver’s license and be comfortable driving a full size car. (Designated drivers from each group must give photocopy of driver’s license to rental agency before they can drive the vehicle.)
  • Designated drivers will pick up the vehicles at Enterprise Car Rental, 125 B Main Street, Antigonish B2G 2B6. You will need your driver’s license for this. Please allow for at least 15 minutes the first day for the processing of forms.
  • Ensure the gas tank is full when you pick up the vehicle. Gas is to be paid for by students. It is the rental agency’s responsibility. Also ensure you do a visual check of the vehicle with the rental agent and note any scratches or other damage. Arrange meeting time and place with your group.
  • If there is a problem due to weather, notify your cooperating teacher, faculty advisor and principal (as per Section VI-E) If there are car problems notify Enterprise Car Rental 867-1013.
  • You need to return the car by 5:30 pm on the designated drop-off day. If for unforeseen reasons you will be returning the car later than 6 pm notify the Rental Agent 867-1013 before 6 pm (you will then need to return the car and leave the key in the night drop off box. Fill car with gas before returning it to the rental agency.
  • The rental agreement covers insurance for the use of the vehicle for Field Experience purposes only. The vehicle is to be used for traveling to and from the Field Experience site. You are not to use the car for personal use. Insurance coverage is for Field Experience hours only.

Travel Expense Form