What Our Graduates Say

Going to StFX for Education was one of the best choices of my life! The life and professional experiences I gained are beyond measure. – Samantha Zanini, Class of 2011

The St FX education program not only prepared me by providing me with the necessary skills, resources, and practical time in the classroom, but it more importantly provided me with the confidence in my teaching ability to transfer those skills to a classroom abroad. As a recent graduate, I have been teaching in England for the past 8 months where I have continued to build on my skills in the classroom and gain valuable experience. I very much appreciate and credit the Education Department at St FX University for a large part of my success. – Heather Profitt, Class of 2010

The BEd program at St FX offers students an excellent balance of theory and practical learning. In my third year teaching, I still use program handouts and assignments to complement my lessons. I'm very proud to be an X grad – Megan Moriarty, Class of 2009

After finishing my undergrad degree at X it was obvious I would want to be back for my education degree.  Two years later I look back and realize that the world is ready for me and I am ready for the world, with lifelong friends, top class professors, and amazing memories to support me.  I know my teaching career will always reflect my experience at X.  X is dynamite. - Kyle Sarka, Class of 2010

The StFX Bachelor of Education program was an experience that I urge all students that are thinking of becoming teachers to seriously consider. The faculty members are all very knowledgeable and experienced teachers and are excited to share their diverse and progressive ideas and strategies with their students. I came into the program a student uncertain of what I wanted to do in the future. I left the program a teacher, excited and prepared for my future as an educator. – Scott Bowman, Class of 2012

The St F.X. BEd programs strikes an excellent balance between purposeful course work and meaningful field experiences. Your course work will be focused on the creation of meaningful lessons and resources that you will use in the classroom. Your field experiences are designed to be challenging, engaging, and provide you with a real understanding of what being a teacher actually requires. When finished not only will you feel completely prepared to take on your own teaching position, but you will have the resources to make it happen. – Brennan MacDonald, Class of 2010

I was so pleased with the positive support that I could rely on from the faculty and staff in StFX's Faculty of Education.  They know exactly how to help develop each pre-service teacher's personal and professional strengths.  I feel that I now have the relevant tools and a supportive network of fellow professionals with which I will find success in a rewarding teaching career. – Sara Wilson, Class of 2012

The faculty are always willing to go out of their way for you; whether it’s staying late to help you with assignments, or putting you in contact with the right people to apply for jobs, or helping fine tune resumes or practice for interviews or just saying “hi” in Superstore, you always feel welcomed and respected. – Brandon Nunn, Class of 2010

The StFX Education program is truly one of a kind. The faculty and community wholeheartedly care and seek to help you along your educative journey. If you're looking for a quality education, new colleagues, and new friends, StFX offers just that. – Jason White, Class of 2012

It doesn't matter how old you are entering the program because once you're there - age is not a factor! You become part of a beautiful family who are there to support, encourage, teach, learn and celebrate all that each of us have to offer! – Andrea Paul, Class of 2010

The STFX BEd program has not only given me the fundamental teaching skills I need as a first year teacher but also the confidence to be the best teacher possible! – Brianne Fitzpatrick, Class of 2011

The BEd program at St. FX is its own little community inside the university.  The professors are your colleagues and your fellow classmates are your best friends. It was a period in my life I will never forget spent with some of the most amazing people I have ever met. – Megan Coles, Class of 2010

I found my two years in the X Education program to be a truly enriching and worthwhile experience. The faculty is highly knowledgeable in the classroom and sensitive to student needs. The experience and support provided for pre-service teachers by faculty is top tier.  A sense of community and family is developed through the positive and friendly atmosphere within the program. I have made sustainable friendships and relationships with other teachers and faculty which will help me explore new horizons in the future. – Kieran Gallivan, Class of 2012

The close interaction with staff and faculty at StFX in the Education Department has really prepared me for the world of teaching. - Melina (Colley) Kennedy, Class of 2010

My experience in the Education program at STFX is one that I will hold close to my heart forever. I grew not only as a teacher, but as a person. There is such a strong sense of community within the BEd program, the faculty is beyond helpful and supportive and will guide you every step of the way, they will know you by name and will encourage you to build strong relationships with your peers. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime. Choosing the STFX Education program was the best decision I could have made for myself.  I am beginning my career as a teacher with such a strong sense of self, prepared and, ready to tackle the world! – Kathryn Lawrence, Class of 2012