Careers in Biology

Careers in Biology

Graduate Studies
How to ask for a letter of reference (specifically written for presumptive graduate students, but the information there applies broadly)
Canadian Institutes of Health Research
AUCC - Canadian universities

Government Programs

Natural Resources Canada - Looking for a Career?  

Professional Associations and Organizations

BioTalent Canada
Canadian Dental Association
AAMC: Medical Schools

Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges
The Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology
Canadian Society for Molecular BioSciences
Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology
The Canadian Society for Environmental Biologists 
My Forensic Science Degree

Technical Programs 
Michener Institute for Applied Health Science

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Careers in General 
Links to Many Specific Career Descriptions
St.F.X. Career Centre

Careerjet, an employment search engine for the UK

CCS Job Search  
Scientific employment opportunities  

Naturejobs: Job Search - Research, Science, Academic, and School Teacher jobs 
job - Canada's student job site

Scholarships Canada - Find Scholarships, student awards....
Biology Scholarships in Canada - Canadian Universities
Scholarship positions

Easy Scholarships
Nature Canada - Awards & Scholarships
Physiology Scholarships in Canada
Find My Scholarships

Canada Graduate Programs in Neuroscience
Canadian Association for Neuroscience