Jantina Toxopeus

Assistant Professor
(Lab 327) 323
J. Bruce Brown Hall

Ph.D. Western University, 2018, Postdoctoral studies at University of Colorado Denver.
The Toxopeus lab studies the cell and molecular biology of how insects survive freezing. This is important for understanding how these critters survive winter, and how they might respond to future changes in their environment, e.g. due to global climate change. Our work can also inform how to cryopreserve human cells and tissues for biomedical use. We use an integrative approach to answer questions about freeze tolerance, using techniques such as qPCR, RNAi interference, confocal microscopy, and transcriptomics.


Research Interests

Research Interests

cold tolerance, cell biology, molecular biology, stress physiology, entomology

The Toxopeus lab researches how insects survive freezing, using an array of techniques that include cell and molecular biology, biochemistry, bioinformatics, and physiology.