Joke Adesola

Adjunct Professor
J. Bruce Brown Hall


B.Sc. Fisheries Management

M.Sc. Fisheries Management

MAGRIC Agricultural Management

Ph.D. Fisheries Science


Research Interests

Research Interests

Main Research Interests
• Fish nutrition and production
• Alternatives to fishmeal in aquatic feed
• Protein and amino acid nutrition
• Feed ingredients evaluation
• Insects as an alternative protein source for animal feeding
• Feed additives in fish
• Poultry production and nutrition

My research interests involve diet development for improving the environmental sustainability of aquaculture. The primary focus is to evaluate the availability of protein and amino acids in alternative feed ingredients for fishmeal and to formulate nutritionally complete, environmentally sustainable and cost-effective diets. I am also interested in poultry production and nutrition, feed additives as an alternative to antibiotics in poultry.