Scholarships and Bursaries

The first two of these awards commemorate Archie and Catherine MacPhee, the parents of Rev. Norman MacPhee, and Father Bernard A. MacDonald, who was a professor of moral theology at StFX until his death in February 1998.
The Rev. B.A. MacDonald Bursaries and the Catherine and Archie MacPhee Awards recognize and support undergraduate students who have an interest in Catholic Studies, philosophy, or moral theology, and who have made or are making a significant contribution to Christian intellectual and spiritual life on campus or in their home community.
The Rev. B.A. MacDonald and Catherine and Archie MacPhee Memorial Awards for Catholic Studies are also awarded annually to the outstanding  students who have taken several courses in the program and demonstrated a commitment to their faith community. The 2020 award winners of $1500.00 each were:  Mia Landi, Mercedes Tibollo, Fiona Fagan, and Emma Forgeron and the 2020 award winners of $500.00 each were:  Faith Welsh and Tane Caubo.