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"Cha mhisde sgeul math innse dà uair"

Cuairt-Litir na Roinne / Departmental Newsletter 2011 (read as PDF) >>

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Lewis MacKinnon (StFX Celtic graduate) wins Mod bardic crown

The Royal National Mod, held annually in Scotland as a celebration of Gaelic tradition, awarded the distinguished Bardic Crown to Lewis MacKinnon, a graduate of the St FX Celtic Studies department, the first time that the award was given to someone born outside of Scotland. Read full article

Celtic Studies students win ACGA scholarship

Two StFX students - Jason Bond and Rachel Redshaw - have claimed the top two awards in a prestigious international scholarship competition, being recognized for their outstanding work in Gaelic. Read full article

Celts in the Americas Conference

We were pleased to host the Celts in the Americas conference on 29 June - 02 July, 2011. It was the first academic conference devoted to this theme, with presentations about aspects of the experiences and literatures of the communities speaking Celtic languages in North and South America. Read about conference as PDF file >>

Tartan Day Debate/Forum

Our Tartan Day Debate/Forum event, held in conjunction with the Antigonish Highland Society, on 6th April 2011, was a spirited exchange attended by a lively and engaged crowd.

Lecture in honour of Sister Margaret MacDonell

A very successful lecture in honour of Sister Margaret MacDonell was held on 16 April 2010. The lecture, "The Books of Clanranald: a family history with a difference," was given by Professor William Gillies of the University of Edinburgh (currently at Harvard).

10 Nov 2009 - Folklore Society shortlists Newton's book

Dr Newton's book Warriors of the Word was nominated by the Folklore Society (of London) for its 2009 Katharine Briggs Award. The judges' official report notes: "Michael Newton's Warriors of the Word: The World of the Scottish Highlanders (Birlinn), approaches the notion of 'word and text' in a very up-to-date way without losing itself in jargon and theory and builds on work on Highland verbal sources collected by a number of significant modern scholars and collectors."

1 Oct 2009 - Celtic Studies welcome lecture and reception

A beginning of year Celtic Studies welcome lecture was held on Th 1 Oct at 7PM in PS 1072. The lecture was given by Lewis MacKinnon, CEO of the Nova Scotia Office for Gaelic Affairs.

15-17 May 2009 — Co-labhairt nan Leathanach / MacLean Symposium

The Alexander MacLean Sinclair Symposium and Clan Maclean Atlantic 30th Anniversary Celebration was co-hosted by the St FX Celtic Department, the Clan Maclean Heritage Trust (Scotland), and Clan Maclean Atlantic Canada. Speakers included Sir Lachlan Maclean (28th chief of Clan Maclean), Ian MacLean, Dr John Campbell Sinclair, Dr Rob Dunbar, Dr Alasdair MacLean Sinclair, Dr Michael Linkletter, Dr Ken Nilsen, and Celtic Collection Librarian Susan Cameron.

February 2009 — Gaelic students complete education practicum in Scotland

Meaghan O'Handley and Emily MacKinnon, two second year St FX education students with degrees in Celtic Studies from St FX, will be travelling to the Isle of Skye in Scotland in March to complete their final teaching practicum at a Gaelic primary school in Portree.

January 2009 – Support from Éire (the Republic of Ireland)

The St FX Celtic Studies department has added another full-time professor to its department this year thanks to the Irish government. And that’s good news for both the department and its students.

November 2008 — Scottish Parliament Visit

Four members of the Scottish Parliament visited the St FX Celtic department.

July 2008 — Rannsachadh na Gàidhlig / Scottish Gaelic Studies Conference

In July 2008, the Celtic Studies department at St FX hosted this bi-annual conference. This is the first time since the conference was begun in 2000 that it has been held outside of Scotland.