Student Work

"Is anfhann a thig, is làidir a théid"

Creative Projects

Video Projects

Celtic Studies students have created their own channel on YouTube where you can see some of their videos (particularly from the Welsh class). See student YouTube channel >>

Watch slideshow of Celtic Department and Comunn Ceilteach activities during the 2008-9 academic year with Gaelic titles >> or with English titles >>

Course Research Papers

Students are regularly assigned research papers as course assignments. Only a small sample of these have been kept on file in the Celtic Collection of the Angus L. Macdonald Library in the past. A few examples of recent exemplary student work are available below.

Celtic 430 (Irish Poetry), 2009, Instructor: Dr Newton

  • Michel Moffet, "Grief and Poetry" — Read as PDF file >>
  • Travis Roulston, "The Fianna in Exile: An examination of Ossianic Poetry as a response to alienation in a Christianised world" — Read as PDF file >>
  • Danielle Stirling, "Kiss Me, I'm Ireland" — Read as PDF file >>

Celtic 351 (Irish Folklore), 2009, Instructor: Séamus MacFloinn

  • Jason Bond, "Withered Old Men and Weasel-Riders: The portrayal of the Danes as fairies" — Read as PDF file >>
  • Julia Reddy, "Are you a witch or are you a fairy or are you the wife of Michael Cleary?" — Read as PDF file >>

Celtic 352 (Scottish Gaelic Folklore), 2010, Instructor: Dr Newton

  • Shayla Mootz, "The Many Faces of Lasair Gheug" — Read as PDF file >>

Senior Year Research

If you are planning on doing a directed study, you must contact the department head, as a proposal must be submitted to the Dean for approval in early August (according to the Academic Calendar "Formal application must be submitted by the chair to the appropriate dean four weeks before the start of the term in which the course is to be offered." See section 3.5). The Directed Study is listed as CELT 499 in the Calendar and it can be taken for either 3 or 6 credits.

If you are planning on doing an honours or advanced major, you should contact a prospective supervisor in your junior year to discuss potential thesis topics. In your final year, you must submit a proposal for your thesis/senior paper to the department chair for approval by the end of September (see Calendar of Events for the exact date). For the proposal you'll need to provide a summary of your topic (1-2 pages) and what you want to cover (the scope of your thesis essentially), plus have a bibliography of works that you will be consulting (at least a preliminary list to include with your proposal). All honours students should register for the six-credit CELT 491 course (i.e. for thesis credit).

Advanced Major Senior Paper

A senior paper must be about 7,500 words (about 30 pages at 250 words per page).

Honours Theses

Undergraduates may choose to do an honours thesis in their last year. An honours thesis must be about 12,500 words (about 50 pages at 250 words per page). Past theses may be consulted in the Celtic Collection. See list of Celtic Studies masters and honours theses >>

Masters Theses

Masters students must write a thesis as part of their degree. Past theses can be searched online and consulted in the Angus L. Macdonald Library. Search for master's theses >>