Chemistry 102 Lab Schedule (Term 2)

Lab Schedule Winter 2023

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Labs take place in PSC 2037.  Problem sessions are in PSC 1072

Jan 9-12 Problem Session
Jan 16-19 The Volumetric Analysis of Aspirin
Jan 23-26 Problem Session
Jan 30-Feb 2 The Rate Law of a Reaction
Feb 6-9 Problem Session
Feb 13-16 *Solution Concentration & Absorbance of Radiation
Feb 27-Mar 2 Problem Session
Mar 6-9 *Models: The VSEPR Theory & Organic Molecules
Mar 13-16 Problem Session
Mar 20-23 *Carbohydrates & Proteins
Mar 27-30 Problem Session

*Data sheets for these experiments will be completed in lab and handed in before leaving the lab.

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