Chemistry 361 Lab Schedule

1st Term 2020 - Provisional - Subject to change

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Sept 15/ 16  Safety Talk -General Laboratory Safety Rules & UV- Spectroscopy - Analysis of Vanillin 
 Lab Rotation start*    5 students , 5 labs per day  = 10 Weeks   (Sept 22nd thur Nov 18th)
  Visible Spectroscopy -Analysis of Chromium and Manganese 
  Fluorescence Spectroscopy - Analysis of Quinine  
  Raman Spectroscopy
  Infra-Red Spectroscopy
  Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy- Analysis of Zinc and Iron in Cereal
Nov 24 Mystery lab - make your own protocol
Dec 1st Snow day /backup /Review

* These labs are done as a rotation – a more detailed schedule will be made after labs begin – students will not do these labs in the order listed above.